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Periodontal Treatment

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Are you struggling with gum disease, gum recession, or other periodontal issues?

At Advanced Periodontics, we understand how frustrating and debilitating these conditions can be. Not only do they negatively impact your oral health, leading to things such as tooth degradation and a loss of ability to chew, but they also affect the appearance of your smile and confidence levels. That’s why our team of renowned professionals is dedicated to providing cutting-edge, evidence-based periodontal treatments that result in less pain, smoother surgical healing, and better results.

Furthermore, we understand how anxiety-inducing dental procedures can be, so we prioritize patient comfort and care. From our first consultation to the final follow-up, we provide VIP treatment that guarantees you feel supported, informed, and empowered about your oral health. Let our leading Seattle periodontal practice partner with you on your journey towards healthier gums starting today.

Periodontal Treatments

At Advanced Perio, we understand the impact of your smile on your confidence and self-esteem. Whether you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth and gums, need to address the early stages of periodontal disease, or want to stop gum recession in its tracks, we offer a wide range of treatment options to meet your needs.

Gum Grafting

In some cases where gum recession occurs, gum reconstruction using grafting techniques is an option. This periodontal procedure involves transplanting soft tissue from the roof of the mouth or other sources to cover the exposed portion of the tooth roots.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is usually performed to prepare the mouth for a procedure such as a crown, or correct a “gummy smile.” This specialized procedure involves reshaping or recontouring the gum tissue and bone to expose sufficient tooth structure for a crown, or to achieve aesthetic goals.

Periodontal Disease

At Advanced Perio, our team of specialists uses the most advanced tools, such as periodontal endoscopes to accurately assess the condition of our patient’s gums and teeth and identify problems without having to perform invasive surgery. We then offer a range of treatments, including scaling and root planing, laser therapy, pocket reduction, and tissue regeneration, to halt the progression of the disease and promote gum healing.

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Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Connective Tissue Graft

Connective Tissue Graft

Connective Tissue Graft

Free Gingival Graft

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Less Pain, Faster Healing: Our Minimally Invasive Techniques and Treatment Options For Periodontal Disease

At Advanced Periodontics, we don’t just treat periodontal disease and other gum issues the same way other practices do. Our team of periodontists stays up-to-date on the latest research and techniques so that they can provide the most effective, evidence-based treatment options available. These minimally invasive treatment options, such as periodontal endoscopy and lasers, result in less pain, faster healing, and better outcomes.


Scaling and Root Planning

The initial stage of treatment for periodontal disease is usually a thorough cleaning that may include scaling and root planing. These non-surgical procedures aim to remove etiologic agents such as dental plaque and tartar, or calculus, which cause gingival inflammation and disease. Scaling and root planing can be used as a stand-alone treatment or a preventative measure and it has a high-efficacy in controlling and reversing periodontal disease in its early stages

Perioscope Treatment

The perioscope is a groundbreaking technology designed to explore and visualize the periodontal pocket under the gum of teeth affected by periodontitis. It allows our team to identify problems (cracks, perforations, and other disease-causing flaws of the tooth root’s surface) that are located under the gum, eliminating the need for invasive surgery.

Pocket Reduction Surgery

Osseous surgery, sometimes referred to as pocket reduction surgery, refers to a number of different surgeries aimed at gaining access to the tooth roots to remove tartar and disease-causing bacteria. Its goal is to reshape deformities and remove pockets in the alveolar bone surrounding the teeth, helping to treat more advanced periodontal diseases.

Guided Bone and Tissue Regeneration

One of the advanced treatment techniques we are proud to offer here at Advanced Perio is guided tissue regeneration. This treatment is used to stabilize endangered teeth and involves thoroughly cleaning the pocket and applying biologic materials, growth factors, and membranes to stimulate natural bone and tissue regeneration.

Laser Periodontal Surgery

Another cutting-edge treatment we proudly offer is the use of lasers to regenerate tissue. We use the Waterlase by Biolase, an all-tissue laser that can be used on both hard- and soft tissues to regenerate the tissues around your teeth (gum, bone, cementum, ligament) that are lost due to periodontal disease.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Periodontal Treatment

What does periodontal treatment cost?

The fee for periodontal treatment can vary considerably depending on the complexity and length of treatment. An approximate fee can usually be determined at the initial visit, but on occasion, some initial treatment or further diagnostics must be completed before the final treatment planning can be established. Our philosophy of practice is to treat as conservatively as possible to attain treatment goals.

Will insurance cover the costs?

As we are currently not an in-network provider with any insurance company, we require payment in full for your services, and after your claim has been processed by your insurance company, you will be paid directly or, if payment is sent to our office, we will write a refund check and send it to you within 30 days. Since our work is not dictated by insurance providers, we are able to provide you with the care you need, rather than the restrictive care insurance requires.

Will I need surgery?

Not everyone needs periodontal surgery. If treated early, gum disease can be controlled without surgery. We will make recommendations based on your individual situation. Our philosophy of practice is to treat as conservatively as possible to attain treatment goals.

Can my teeth be saved?

The recent advances in periodontal treatment allow us to treat most teeth successfully.

What if I don’t have gum treatment?

Periodontal disease is a progressive, painless infection. Delays can cause further bone loss and more expense. If your teeth are lost, replacements are never as effective as your own natural teeth.

Stop Periodontal Disease in its Tracks and Start Treatment Today

Don’t let periodontal disease or gum conditions impact your quality of life any longer. Schedule a consultation with us today and experience the distinguished expertise and compassionate care of Advanced Periodontics, Microsurgery, and Implantology of Seattle. Our renowned team of periodontists is fully equipped to handle everything from minor aesthetic concerns to late-stage periodontal disease.

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Elizabeth KirbyElizabeth Kirby
00:21 02 Feb 24
Excellent care, my regular dentist recommended Dr. Weinstein & they were right.
Christina EconomouChristina Economou
19:39 01 Feb 24
This periodontal office is professional, kind, knowledgeable and honest. I’ve been helped by them over the last twenty years. I came in for another gum grafting consultation today and Dr. Richens said I didn’t need anything done. The staff was efficient and friendly, too. Highly recommend.
Bruce RobertsonBruce Robertson
23:08 31 Jan 24
This is my third implant and once again Dr. Richins and his staff are the best. Highly recommended.
Michael ScottMichael Scott
19:13 26 Jan 24
Excellent work and great care by all staff.
Lisa LLisa L
01:53 18 Jan 24
Caring professional staff — Dr. Weinstein listened, offered full explanations as well as surgical options. Trusted in team and great outcome!
Karen SchravenKaren Schraven
20:25 12 Jan 24
All the staff are very kind and accommodating - almost too much so, but I understand some people have extreme anxiety about dental work.They prepared me well for what to expect, the procedure was quick, successful and I felt well-cared for.
19:55 08 Jan 24
Had to go in last summer for microsurgery to treat an infection and we just finished our post procedure follow up. Staff was very friendly and helpful, Dr. Kaminsky did an amazing job getting me back in good shape.Loved how clean and professional the place looked. Very happy with my experience there.
Gavin DerekGavin Derek
16:20 21 Dec 23
Completely PAINLESS! I am truly amazed at this clinic's ability to perform aggressive dental surgeries without there being any pain. Over the years I have had a root canal, an implant, and two major extractions in this clinic and every time is shockingly pain free. I cannot recommend this place enough.
Katherine BoulterKatherine Boulter
20:18 12 Dec 23
The whole team over at advanced Perio is fantastic. The medical staff was so kind and professional in a very stressful dental situation. The front desk team is helpful with all my various questions and everyone makes the experience so easy! Highly recommend.
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