Important Information FOR PATIENTS Regarding COVID-19

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Dear Patients,

As per the latest recommendations from the American Dental Association, Advanced Perio is limiting our services at this time to emergency treatment only.  Please carefully review the following list to determine if your appointment should be kept or has been cancelled.  We will reach out to you to reschedule when we know it is safe to reopen fully:

  1. All gum grafts (connective tissue grafts, free gingival grafts) have been cancelled.
  2. All pocket reduction surgery (osseous surgery) has been cancelled.
  3. All examinations have been cancelled. If you feel your particular dental need has potential to become an emergency, please call us so we may move your examination to an emergency slot.
  4. All hygiene and periodontal maintenance appointments have been cancelled. This includes Scaling and Root Planing, and procedures with the Perioscope.
  5. All post-operative appointments where there are currently no stitches or membranes have been cancelled.
  6. The following have NOT been cancelled, but will be rescheduled to a day when the office is open. We will reach out to you to reschedule, or you can call us at your convenience:
    1. Appointments where a tooth has been scheduled for extraction. This includes appointments where dental implants will be placed immediately.
    2. Follow-up appointments on patients requiring removal of stitches.
    3. 4 week follow-up appointments on patients who underwent extraction and socket grafting, to allow for removal of the protective membrane.

If you have any questions as to whether your appointment is cancelled, please call our office directly.  We have team members answering calls while working from home to be able to assist you.


Advanced Perio