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“The care I received at Dr. O’Neal’s office is the finest. From the moment I first made an appointment I knew I was in good hands.  The receptionists are always kind, reassuring and answer all my questions.  They make me feel welcomed and attended to.  The assistants are wonderful, friendly, efficient and always concerned with my comfort.  They are great with their hands and hearts and are a real asset to Dr. O’Neal.   My experience with Dr. O’Neal has been perfect from the beginning.  He is kind and shares his knowledge and proves his expertise by the incredible work he does.  I have felt comfortable and confident in all aspects of my experience with Dr. O’Neal and his staff.  I am so grateful.”   Diane R.

“When I first came to Dr. Richins I was under so much stress with so much damage and so much reconstructive dental work necessary to resolve my situation.   I almost immediately, literally during the first checkup that I had with him, felt the balance that I needed to feel to know that this would be okay.  I felt his heart in what he was doing, no judgment, and a calming approach combined with a methodical and comprehensive knowledge of how to approach my situation from beginning to end.  Then, after overcoming any stress that I felt going into the first surgery, since I had never done anything like that before, I went into every other surgery and checkup with total confidence and ease.  It became effortless to come to the appointments at that point and I looked forward to experiencing the feeling of progress every time I left his office.  Ultimately, it was very easy, almost from the beginning, to feel total confidence in Dr. Richins and his abilities to resolve my situations.   The end result allowed me to experience every aspect of my life in a healthier way than I had been experiencing it prior to the reconstruction, and I could smile and be happy again.”
Valerie M.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you’ve done for me.  Your office and staff have been extremely inviting and accommodating.  The entire process of this dental work has changed from something that was almost daunting or scary in my mind into an experience that can only be described as comfortable and relieving.   Most importantly and most appreciated has been your own personal care and concern for all aspects of my experience.  Not only do I appreciate your expert skill and work, but your willingness to answer questions, explain the process and care for my well being goes well beyond any expectations.  I’m grateful for those that sent me to you and cannot thank you enough.”  With Sincere Gratitude, Dr. Stephen Sherman

“I recently had to get two implants done at the same time.  I was nervous about the procedure, as well as the pain afterwards. With IV sedation, I was completely comfortable and pain free. Dr. Richins was fabulous before, during, and after the procedure.  He takes the time to know his patients and I was especially surprised to get a call from him during recovery.  He cares a lot about his patients and I wasn’t just another number.  I appreciate the great experience that I had!”
Stephani L.

“Dr. Jansen Richins is hands down one of the best periodontists on the planet.  He is very personable, professional, and highly skilled.  The implant he placed for me went off without a hitch.  He explained everything very thoroughly before the treatment began.  I was very comfortable during the entire process.  I am extremely satisfied with the results and felt very fortunate to have such a wonderful periodontist.”
Joni G.

“I, Arlen L., am enjoying perfect results with my dual implant dentistry work expertly performed by Dr. Richins.  My general dentist does routine implants, however, my implants required the expertise/experience of performing side by side implants coupled with sinus lift surgery… My dental experience with Dr. Richins was totally successful…My only regret is that I must travel over a thousand miles to avail myself of his dental expertise.”
Arlen L.

“I had major gum recession around most of my teeth.  Dr. Weinstein performed gum grafting on all of these, with five separate surgery sessions over a period of a little more than a year.  I am 100% satisfied with the quality of his work, the minimum level of discomfort, and his highly professional demeanor. Throughout the procedure, he went out of his way to explain exactly what he was doing and what I should expect. I’m reminded of Dr. Weinstein’s special skills every time I look in the mirror to brush my teeth, and highly recommend him without hesitation.” Ronald C.

“I have seen a lot of dentists over the years, and I have to say Dr. Brad Weinstein rates right up at the top.  His attention to detail; his concern not just for my teeth, but for my overall health; his responsiveness; his willingness to answer all my questions completely; all put him a cut above.  I am very happy with the care I received at his hands.” David K.

“Dr. Weinstein was gentle and was very thoughtful with his technique. I would recommend him to anyone.” Sarah P.

“Dr. Weinstein is a great Periodontist.  He is very personable, and highly skilled.  I recently had 2 graft surgeries done with him, both of which were a success.  I was a little nervous at first, but after talking with him about the procedure I felt much more relaxed.  He did a very thorough job. He even made sure to check up on me after surgery to make sure I was OK.”  Marie C

Dr. Lakshmi Boyapati. Not only is she a joy to be around, she does amazing work! I was very nervous for my first gum graft and did not want to be told about what she was doing while working on my mouth. She was great at distracting me with stories and chit chat with her assistant. I even had to contact her with a question on the weekend and she is so helpful and nice. I really cannot say enough nice things about her! She is the best! I always looked forward to seeing her.   Courtney C.

I had my first implant performed by Dr. Boyapati. She did an excellent job! I am totally happy with the work the doctor and her professional staff did. Bill P.

Dr. Boyapati’s manner was witty and fun making the surgery a relaxing experience. I will gladly refer Dr. Boyapati and her team to anyone in need of periodontics treatment.  Jim P.